How to add a date picker to a Webflow form

March 30, 2022

Adding a date picker to your Webflow form is an efficient way to make it easier for your users to select the date they want to submit their form. There are several ways to do this, depending on how you want your date picker to look and function. If you need to input an interactive and vivid date picker in your Webflow form, you can use the date picker widget, or add an event listener that updates the date when a user enters text into a field. 

But if you want your integrated date picker to be more impressive and sophisticated, you can head over to the custom code option. To be honest, adding a date picker to your Webflow forms can be done with custom code within a short time. You will just need to create a new file in your project, add the necessary dependencies, and write some code. 

What code do you need to write? Do you lack coding expertise? Well, there is no need to write a single line of code by yourself. Rather, you can gather the code snippet online. But you need to master the process of including the chunks of code into your Webflow website. Let’s explore the methodologies for how to add a date picker to a Webflow form.

How to add a date picker to your Webflow form using custom code?

Adding a date picker to your Webflow form can be helpful for gathering input from users. There are several ways to do this, and you can choose whichever suits your needs best. One approach is to use custom code. You can add the code to your Webflow project by specifying  the date format, date style, and other attributes that you want to use.

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Go to the project settings:

First, you need to navigate the project settings of your specific Webflow website that you’re going to work with. Once you click on "project settings," you will find several options aligned horizontally. You need to move to the Custom Code option to add your desired code snippets.

project settings

Add the custom code:

Now you are set to add the code into the body tag area. Inside the head tag area, you need to add the style sheet. You will find the chunks of code in the Webflow forum. Moreover, there are plenty of resources with exact code snippets uploaded on the Webflow official website. You may collect the requisite code from the website. 

Add the custom code

Add an input field:

Once you add the precise code to your Webflow project, you can get ready to add an input field to your form section. The input field will be needed for your users to make the highest conversion. After adding the input, you have to navigate the settings panel. 

How to add a date picker to a Webflow form

Add custom attributes:

Now it’s time to add custom attributes. In general, you can set the data-toggle to datepicker and keep the autocomplete option off. This time you can include all the attributes you prefer in your form. 

Add custom attributes

Update date format:

You can simply change the date format that suits your needs. Try to set the date format that matches most of your visitor’s needs. By modifying a few lines in the style sheet, you can also update the system colors. 

Publish and test:

Now it’s time to publish your website to make the changes properly. But before you publish the site, don’t forget to test the entire process. You can intend to publish the site only if you feel comfortable with the added date picker. Keep in mind that the date picker will only be visible on your live domain. 

publish and test your website

How to add a date picker using the date picker widget?

Another easy method is to use the date picker widget on your project. This widget is available in the Widgets library and can be added by clicking on the Add Widget button and selecting Date Picker from the list of widgets. 

Once the DatePicker widget has been added, you will need to configure it. To do so, go to your project's flow layout, locate the "Forms" folder, and open it. In the Forms folder, locate and open the "DatePicker" form. 

What are the other alternative ways to add a date picker?

If you're looking to add a date picker to your Webflow form, there are a few different ways that you can do it. One option is to use the jQuery DatePicker plugin. On Webflow’s official website, you will find the clonable plugin and other resources available. You can easily incorporate them into your project. Integrating the Flatpicker.js file into your Webflow project can also be a permanent solution. 

Alternatively, you can use the built-in Date Picker control in Webflow. Or, if you have access to React, you can use the react-datepicker library. To be fair, the most basic way to add a date picker is to add a simple text field and then add a DatePicker control below it. This will display a calendar icon next to the field, which your users can use to select the date they want to submit their form.

Final words:

Since Webflow doesn’t have a built-in date picker yet, you might need to add it manually. If you want to add a date picker to your Webflow website, there are several options available. But the most appropriate way is to add custom code. It will allow you to customize the design and functionality as per your desires. Moreover, you will have a stable and interactive date picker for your Webflow form through this method. 

In the meantime, you already know how to add a date picker to a Webflow form. Collecting the code is the main task. If you can gather the code from the right platform, the rest of the work will take you no time at all. Depending on your choice and requirements, you can also opt for some other alternative process to get your job perfectly done.