How to add social share buttons to Webflow in minutes

March 30, 2022

Social share buttons are, by all means, important components of a website. The buttons make a site more integrative, interactive, and scalable. With the buttons, the audience can share the insightful posts with their own community. Readers can do the marketing by clicking on the social share buttons and making the posts accessible to others.

Similar to other website builders, Webflow allows the designers to create and incorporate high-conversational social share buttons. It does not necessitate extreme effort or a significant amount of time. Do you actually know how to add social share buttons to Webflow? If so, you’re definitely a few steps ahead of others. 

But if you don’t have hands-on expertise in it, there is no need for hiring someone expert; rather you may spend some time here. Below, we’re going to discuss the most appropriate, easy, and effective methods of adding buttons to your Webflow websites.

Why are social share buttons important on a website?

Social share buttons play a pivotal role in enhancing the exposure of your website. They let the visitors share the definite URL of your site with their own social media accounts with a few clicks. Because of their unimpeded accessibility, a huge amount of your targeted traffic finds your web pages at ease. And ultimately, it boosts revenue, conversation rates, and activity.

The more your web links are shared, the higher your income will be. That means social share buttons will push your website to the upper level without even costing you a penny. Your site will seem more authoritative, impactful, and trusted to the search engine crawlers as people love it and share it. You can build a large following of people by the use of captivating share buttons. 

How to add social share buttons to Webflow?

You can add social share buttons to Webflow in several ways. Any legitimate procedure is perfect for ensuring such a superb marketing strategy. To get your job quickly done, you can reach out to the ShareThis platform. It will allow you to create engaging customer connections to grow your online audience without any hassle. 

On the other hand, you can also follow the manual approach to create and add appealing share buttons without writing a single line of code. Below, we’re going to highlight both the methods so that you can opt for any of them as per your preference and comfort. Let’s move on!

If you need a responsive Webflow website with striking share buttons, you may ask us for help. We could help you by providing everything you require to flourish in your online business. Apart from social share buttons, we will ensure many more integration options to enable you to have an enormous response from your targeted audience.

Add inline share buttons with ShareThis:

Webflow can make a solid pair with the ShareThis tool to enable you to create stunning buttons. ShareThis will empower you to put together all the properties you prefer to have on the buttons. And most surprisingly, it doesn’t require pro level skills to do so. Let’s explore how to add inline share buttons with ShareThis.

Add your project to ShareThis:

Since you’re going to carry out your task with ShareThis, you definitely need to add your project to it. To add your project, you need to sign up for a ShareThis account first. Once you’ve successfully landed on the dashboard, you will notice a drop-down menu in the top right corner of your account. You have to choose the "Setup New Property" option here. Then carefully enter your project’s domain and tap on the "Add" button. 

how to add social share buttons to Webflow

Grab the code snippet for inline sharing:

If you’ve perfectly completed the previous step, you will see the "Inline Share Buttons" option. Simply click on it. It will bring you to a new page where you will be asked to get a custom code. Press on the "Copy Code" option. A new page will pop up with a chunk of code. For now, you just need to copy the code from the page. 

ShareThis code snippet

Paste the code snippet into Webflow:

Now it’s time to go back to the Webflow dashboard. Then go to the Project Settings option. You will come across a Custom Code tab there. Click on the tab and place the cursor in the Head code field. Paste your code into the field and click on the Save Changes button. Then click the Publish button. Again, press on the "Publish to selected domain" button. 

Paste code to Webflow

Style the inline buttons:

With ShareThis, you can apply your creativity and choice to styling the inline buttons. It will reinforce your ability to customize the buttons in the Webflow dashboard. How to style the inline buttons? Simply click the "plus" sign from the right toolbar of the Webflow interface. 

Determine the place where you want to get your buttons to appear. Drag an embed element into the design under the Components option. An HTML embed code editor will pop up. You have to paste your code snippet from ShareThis. Finally, hit the Save & Close button. 

Style inline buttons

Then select the Publish option and click to open the live site button. The buttons will be located exactly where you specified. Now return to ShareThis and customize your buttons. Set the button alignment, color, text, and anything else you are happy to do. Back in Webflow, refresh your project, and track the changes.

Style the buttons

Verify your work:

The good news is that you can verify your recently accomplished task. To verify your work, you need to go back to ShareThis. Under the Inline Share Button and Sharing Tools, you will discover a verification option. Click on the "Verify Manually" button. Then enter your project’s URL and click "verify." Then scroll down to Update. 

Create social share buttons manually:

Now we’re set to explore how to create social share buttons for your Webflow website manually. It's a totally drag and drop method, so you will need very little time to master it.

Add a div block:

Select a specific place for the button. Add a div block. Select the position, z-index, and other properties. It's better if you make the position fixed. 

Add a link block:

Inside the div block, you need to add a link block. You have to update the block by adjusting the height, background image, social media icon, and so on. 

Add an HTML embed code:

To make the button clickable and shareable on the designated social media, you need to add a code to the button. You will find the correct code for all social media platforms on the webflow as well as online. Just place the embed code inside the div block and update the design. 

Hide the link block:

You need to hide the link block to overcome the risk of it being deleted through a custom CSS stylesheet cleanup. To hide the link block, you can add the block to another div block and keep the newly added block hidden. 

Copy the button:

You definitely need a bunch of social share buttons as there are a myriad of social media platforms out there. There is no need to design a button for every medium separately; rather, you can copy a button again and again. Then you have to customize the design as per the requirements. 

Frequently asked questions:

Social media buttons are always in contention when new designers make their hands dirty with web design. We’re going to answer some of the questions regarding social media buttons below.

How do I add social media icons to Webflow?

In order to add social media icons to Webflow, you need to go to the panel where all the social media icons are reserved. Then embed the HTML element and paste the icon code. Make the changes and enjoy the icons.

Where is the best place to share buttons on your post page?

You have to place the share buttons in an appropriate place. The button can be placed at the top, bottom, left, or right side of each blog post. But keep in mind that the share buttons should be visible and apparent. Never use buttons to access all the pages. 

How do I create a custom social share button for my Webflow website?

If you want to create a custom social share button on your Webflow site, you need to add a link block to your page. Then style the block as per your needs. Add the attributes and necessary elements to make the button actionable. 

Are social share buttons effective?

Of course, social share buttons can generate huge amounts of traffic. They are essential for a seamless marketing strategy. Through the buttons, a website can earn optimal authoritativeness, trust, and audience response.

What are "social share buttons"?

Social share buttons are the website components that allow the readers to share the blog posts on their respective social media platforms. The buttons are clickable, actionable, and highly impactful. 

Final words:

Integration is an important part of a website. Without a seamless integration facility, a site can hardly gain a sublime response from the targeted traffic. Social share buttons, unquestionably, play a vital role in making a website extremely accessible to all. That’s why it's mandatory to place the buttons for all the social media platforms. 

If you’re looking to build a website with Webflow, you will find an extra advantage in adding social media buttons. But how to add social media share buttons to Webflow? It’s straightforward, and in the meantime, you have been notified about it. So, now it’s your turn to apply the acquired knowledge precisely to create some stunning and effective buttons.