How to set the time zone for Webflow sites

March 30, 2022

Webflow is a web development tool that allows users to create and edit websites. Sites created with Webflow are based in the UTC time zone, even if the user's computer is in another time zone. This can cause problems when users try to work on sites based in other time zones. If you have a website built with Webflow, you may also encounter severe problems with the time zone. How to solve it?

To solve this problem, you can set Webflow to use your computer's local time zone instead of UTC. But do you know how to set the time zone for Webflow sites? It’s super easy. You need to carry out some steps to get it fixed. In this article, we’re going to show you the methods of setting the time zone for your Webflow website. Let’s move on!

Why should you set the time zone for your Webflow site?

Setting the correct time zone is inevitable if your site has visitors from all regions of the world. The real time zone ensures the visitors can view the actual date and time in their own time zone. As a result, it becomes useful for them to navigate through your site. It can make your websites easier to manage and maintain because they will be consistent across different devices and browsers.

It helps to prevent confusion among users about what time zone their project is in. Moreover, real-time time zone setting is useful for participating in online events and working with clients in different regions. It will also update any date/time related elements of your website. That’s why you should set the time zone with much attention. 

How to set the time zone for Webflow sites?

One of the great features of Webflow is its time zone feature. This feature allows users to set the time zone for their website. If you want your Webflow site to use a different time zone, you can set it using the time zone setting in the Site Settings panel.  You can use Webflow's time zone settings to adjust the time automatically for your projects. Here are the steps to setting the time zone for your Webflow sites.

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Go to your project’s settings:

If you work in a time zone other than the one Webflow defaults to, you may want to change your site's time zone setting. To do so, first you need to go to your project's settings option. From there, you can choose a different time zone for your project. After opening your project's settings, you have to scroll down to the "Time Zone" section. 

Click on the General tab.

Webflow is designed to work in any time zone, but you may want to set the time zone for your Webflow sites if you are working in a different time zone than your clients or users. To set the time zone for Webflow sites, open the General tab of the Webflow dashboard.

How to set the time zone for Webflow sites

Scroll down to the Localization section:

Webflow allows users to set their time zone, making it easier to work on projects in different time zones. This can be helpful for people who work different hours or for people who want to share projects with others around the world. To set your Webflow site's time zone, scroll down to the Localization section. You'll see a list of time zones and a button to set your time zone. Press the Detect my time zone option to set the time zone for Webflow sites.

Webflow time zone localization

Press Save changes:

Webflow is a user-friendly platform that allows users to create and share their websites. Users can also make changes to their site's settings, including the time zone. The time zone can be set using the "Save changes" button after choosing the right time zone. By default, Webflow sets the time zone to "US/Pacific".

save time zone

Publish your site:

Setting the time zone for Webflow sites can be a helpful way to ensure that your users are viewing your content in the correct time zone. By setting the time zone for your site, you can ensure that all of your pages are displayed in the correct time zone, regardless of where your users are located. Once you've done all the preliminary but major tasks, it’s time to publish your website so you can make changes. 

Frequently asked questions:

Setting the time zone for a Webflow site can be helpful if you're working on a project that finds visitors from different parts of the world in different time zones. To set the time zone for your site, select "Press Detect my time zone" from the "Settings" menu. That’s all! However, in this section, we’re going to respond to some of the frequently asked questions that might come in handy for you. Try to gather more queries from here. 

How to display time in the visitor's time zone in Webflow?

Most people are familiar with the time zone of their home country. However, when someone visits a different country, they may find themselves in a different time zone. To display the time in this visitor's time zone in Webflow, follow these steps: On Webflow's Settings page, under "Global Settings," click on the "Time Zone" tab. In the "Time Zone" window that opens, select the time zone from the list on the left side and then click on the "Update Time Zone" button to save your changes. 

How to get the current date and time in Webflow?

Webflow is a web development platform that allows users to create and manage websites. To get the current date and time in Webflow, go to the "Tools > Settings > Preferences" menu. Then select the Date & Time category. Format the date and time under the formatting option. 

How do I add a date picker in Webflow?

When you need to add a date picker to your Webflow project, there are a few different ways you can go about it. The simplest way is to use the built-in datepicker widget. You can find it in the Widgets section of your Project Settings. You can also use the input type="date" > tag to specify a custom JavaScript Date object. Both methods have their own pros and cons, so it's up to you which one you prefer:

How to display an event in a user's local time zone in Webflow?

When displaying an event in a user's local time zone, Webflow can use the UTC time or the user's current time zone. The default is UTC, but you can set it to your local time zone by setting the "timeZone" property in your webflow.js file.

Final words:

In Webflow, it is possible to display time in the visitor's time zone.  How to set the time zone for Webflow sites? To do this, open the Settings section of your project, and under the General heading, find the Time Zone option. From here, you can select a time zone from the list, or type in a new one. Once you’ve made your selection, Webflow will use that time zone for all calculations and display times within your project.

However, throughout the article, we’ve shown the necessity of setting a time zone. Furthermore, we’ve highlighted the most effective and easiest approaches to fixing the time variation issues. Now it’s your turn to apply the acquired knowledge. For any help, you may leave a message for us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.