How to verify ownership of a Webflow site on Google

Verification is a crucial task for all website owners. Once you create a website with Webflow, you need to verify its ownership with Google. Unless Google can confirm that you’re the real owner of the site, it will be impossible to submit the site to the Google Search Console. Even Google will refuse to index your web pages until it detects who is actually running the site. How can you expect a higher rank if you fail to submit the site to Google?

That’s why your first and foremost duty is to convince Google that you’re the real owners of the site. How to verify ownership of a Webflow site on Google? If you lack practical expertise, verifying a site on Google may seem somewhat troublesome and tedious to you. 

But don’t worry; it’s super easy. You need to follow some steps to get your website verified. In this article, we’re going to guide you towards the exact steps to proceed on. Let’s move forward!

Why do we need to verify a website?

No matter whether you’ve built a website with Webflow or other website builders, you must verify it on Google Search Console to ensure rank. You will inevitably need to go through some processes to enlist your website in Google’s data repository. If you don’t verify your website, you can’t request Google to index and crawl your entire site. Unless Google looks over your site, how does your site appear in search results?

In addition, you can’t get access to Google Search Console to assess the sensitive data and information on your website if it’s not verified. If you fail to prove your own property, you can’t affect the site’s presence and behavior at all. In other words, it will be difficult to run and maintain the site without proper verification. That’s why you carefully need to verify your new website. 

How to verify ownership of a Webflow site on Google?

Verification is essential to manipulate the Google Search Console tool and request Google to index your website. To submit your sitemap, you have to pass the verification stage. To be honest, verifying your ownership of a site is not cumbersome. You can do it by sticking to the following steps. 

You may struggle with verifying websites in Google if you’re new to Webflow. It may seem bothersome to go through all the steps to come up with the precise solution. That’s why we would like to invite you to CrowdyFlow, as we offer complete technical support to our clients. You will have fast and appropriate verification if you give the charge to us.

Add your site to the Google search console:

To start your site's verification process, you need to add your site to the Google search console first. Go to the search console and create a new account. From the property dropdown, select the "Add new property" option. Then choose the "URL prefix" method and type in your domain to have a comfortable and uninterrupted operation. 

How to verify ownership of a Webflow site on Google

Under the verification methods, you will discover several options. But you should choose the "HTML Tag" option to complete the task with maximum solace. Once you select it, you will find a verification ID with a string of numbers and letters. 

Copy the unique verification ID:

Your next task is to copy the generated verification ID. The ID is the key resource to getting your website verified. So, be aware that you selected and copied the complete ID. Never close the window after copying the verification ID. Otherwise, you will lose the copied data. 

Verify Website ownership

Go to the Project Settings:

Now it’s time to go to your Webflow dashboard. Open your account and go to the project settings. Then go to your project’s SEO setting option. Click on the tab and find the Google site verification field.

Paste the ID:

Once you find the field, it’s time to paste the ID. After pasting the verification ID into the exact field, have a short observation on whether the ID is correct or not. There might sometimes be a mess with the strings and numbers. So, you have to be sensible about it.

Google site verification

Verify your site:

You’re on the most important step. It’s time to verify your ownership. You have to go back to the Google Search Console. Then click on "verify". But if you are having problems with verification, you need to go back to the "HTML Tag" option again. Then press on the "verify" option to have a smooth verification process of your Webflow website.

Submit your site for indexing:

Once you complete the entire verification process, you can submit your site to Google for indexing. Keep in mind that you can spontaneously verify your site multiple times. You can also allow multiple users to verify their ownership of your website. 

It’s true that Google can find your website through a link on another site automatically. But the manual ownership verification method will help your site load faster and get indexed sooner.

Frequently asked questions:

If you are going to work with Google site verification for the very first time, you may need to strengthen your knowledge and expertise in this field. You will definitely have several questions in mind regarding the verification process. In this section, we’re going to answer some of the questions that you may be keen on asking. 

Why does Google keep asking me to verify?

Google asks you to verify in order to ensure that you’re the real owner of the site. You need to put together all the credentials to convince Google that you’re working behind the site. As a result, Google will inform you if anyone tries to access or misuse your property.  The verification process will also protect your site from hacking issues.

What to do when Gmail can't verify it's you?

If Gmail can’t verify you, there is no concern. It happens to everyone sometimes. You need to stay signed in to your Google account for at least a week and turn on the 2-step verification method.  You will get your account working after a certain period.

How long does it take for Google to verify your website?

Typically, Google takes a maximum of 48 hours to verify your website. For several reasons, it may sometimes take 1-2 weeks to get your website verified. But keep in mind that once you finish the verification process accurately, Google will surely give you the confirmation.

Can Google's two-step verification be hacked?

Yes, Google's 2-step verification can also be hacked. That’s because the hackers are able to bypass the authentication through the bots. They can gather authentication codes from the targeted users if they find any clue. But if you don’t share anything with them, you can be sure that your account is thoroughly safe. 

How do I know if my site is verified on Google?

If you want to check if your site is verified on Google, you need to select the "Google Tag Manager" first. Then click on the "Verify" option. If you find the Google Tag Manager code, you can be sure that your site has been perfectly verified. But if you don’t see any code, you need to verify the site again. 

Final words:

Once you create a website with Webflow, you need to verify ownership of your site in the Google Search Console as soon as possible. Early verification will give a huge rank boost in the search results. Moreover, you can inspect the overall performance and engagement of your site once you convince Google that you’re the owner of the site. How to verify ownership of a Webflow site on Google? It’s straightforward.

Now it’s your turn to follow the methods to come up with the precise solution. Don’t be in a rush while you’re authenticating your website. Take your time and perform every step perfectly. However, you can also ask for our help to get your website verified with ease.