What are the most useful prebuilt layouts in Webflow

March 30, 2022

Apart from enabling users to create custom layouts and templates, Webflow features  a vast library of prebuilt layouts. All the layouts are designed to be perfect for both beginners and experienced web developers. What are the most useful prebuilt layouts in Webflow? Some of the most useful prebuilt layouts include a blog layout, a portfolio layout, an e-commerce template, and so on.

However, if you find the process of creating your own layouts and templates tedious and time-consuming, you may want to start working with Webflow’s resources. All of Webflow’s prebuilt layouts are invaluable and can streamline the design process. This article explains why prebuilt layouts are so important and how they can help you start building your first website more quickly.

Can you create multiple layouts for Webflow collection template pages?

Creating multiple layouts for a Webflow collection template can be helpful when you want to create different versions of the same page or when you have different types of content that should be displayed on separate pages. For example, you might create one layout for a blog post with images, another for a blog post with text only, and yet another for a gallery of images.

The Webflow collection template pages are perfect for displaying your project's progress and final product. However, you can seamlessly create multiple layouts for Webflow collection templates pages. You just need to master the mechanisms to come up with the best solution. 

What are the most useful prebuilt layouts in Webflow?

Webflow is a web development platform that allows users to create custom layouts and applications. It has a wide range of prebuilt layouts that can be useful for creating simple or more complex applications. These layouts can be found in the "Layout" section of the "Layouts" tab in the application's main menu. Some of the most popular layouts include a blog layout, an e-commerce layout, and a project management layout. Let’s explore many more prebuilt layouts in detail. 

Webflow is a web development platform that makes it easy to create professional, responsive websites. Without some prebuilt layouts, it can be difficult to get started. And it’s no wonder that all the prebuilt layouts won’t come in handy for you. Hence, you may need to build some new ones or personalize some default ones. You can reach out to us for all forms of Webflow developments as we’re experts in this field. Get in touch with us on Fiverr. 

Simple navigation:

Webflow is a platform for creating web pages and applications. It's built on top of HTML, CSS, and JS, so you can create sophisticated layouts without having to learn any programming. One of the features that sets Webflow apart is its prebuilt navigation layout. This layout makes it easy to create simple pages with organized menus and buttons.


Webflow comes with a prebuilt hero layout that looks great on any website. This layout features a responsive design and easy-to-use tools, so you can get started quickly. It's free to use and has great convenience. By simulating the design, you can also create a hero prebuilt layout in Webflow that fits you.

Hero overlay:

Webflow is a free and open-source web development platform that lets you create static and dynamic websites. With drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts, you can also create hybrid mobile and desktop apps. One of the great features of Webflow is the inclusion of Hero Overlay layout. The overlay will display the name of the current user as well as their rating and comment count, all overlaid on a background image.

Cards section:

Thanks to its inclusion of the Cards section, Webflow offers a great way to organize your cards with it. By default, the cards are organized into a grid. You can also create custom layouts by dragging and dropping elements from the library. With just a few clicks, you can activate the prebuilt cards section layout that includes all the necessary elements to get started with card design.

Main content:

Webflow is a free and open-source web development platform that allows users to create custom layouts for their websites and applications. It also includes a built-in main content layout that offers a variety of common page layouts, such as home pages and product pages. The layout is perfect for quickly creating simple or complex pages without having to learn code or build from scratch.

Feature section:

The layout editor of Webflow is very user-friendly and makes creating complex designs easy. In addition, prebuilt layouts are available for many popular websites, making it easy to get started with Webflow. The feature section makes it simple to navigate Webflow websites.The layout includes a header, content area, sidebar, and footer.


Webflow is a Web design platform that lets users create static and interactive web pages. It includes a library of prebuilt layouts, which can be customized to create any type of web page; the gallery layout is one of them. The gallery layout is perfect for showcasing photos or other visual content.

Call to action:

Webflow is a very popular online platform for creating websites and blogs. It offers a wide range of features and options, but can be difficult to use for someone who is not experienced in web design. One feature that makes Webflow particularly appealing to web designers and developers is the call to action prebuilt layout. This layout allows users to quickly create a custom call to action button without having to learn any code or design concepts.

Subscribe form:

Webflow recently released a new feature called "Subscribe Forms," which allows users to easily create subscription forms with prebuilt layouts. This makes it easy for users to get started with subscribing to content and eliminates the need for them to learn how to code.

Contact form:

The Contact form is one of the significant prebuilt layouts in Webflow. With all the contact forms being demanded on the web, it’s important to have a reliable and easy-to-use contact form solution. And that’s where Webflow comes in! This drag-and-drop website builder allows users to integrate a sophisticated and highly conversational contact form into the website.


Footer prebuilt layouts are one of the many features that Webflow offers its users. The footer prebuilt layouts are ready-made templates that help users quickly create a footer for their website. They are available in a variety of styles, including modern, minimal, and classic. They can be customized to match the look and feel of the rest of the website, and they can be easily added to existing websites. 

Frequently asked questions:

Webflow is enriched with a large number of prebuilt layouts. Some of the layouts are handy and customizable. You can utilize them as per your needs. However, in this section, we’re going to respond to some of the frequently asked questions regarding the prebuilt layouts of Webflow. You may gather more queries from this section. 

Can you customize Webflow layouts?

Webflow comes with a myriad of customizable layouts. That means you can add, alter, remove, and update necessary elements to the layouts as per your project’s needs. By personalizing the design and interactivity of layouts, you can make them suitable for your websites.

How to edit Webflow templates?

Webflow features plenty of templates to enable you to create functional websites at ease. Even so, it allows you to edit the templates as per your needs. With the help of the Webflow Editor, you can easily make certain changes to the templates. 

How do I add a CMS to Webflow?

If you have a website built with Webflow, you may need to add a CMS over time. It’s easy to add a content management system to Webflow. To do so, you need to visit the Editor from the Designer tool over to the left. Then go to the Collection section to add the necessary CMS to your project.

What is the use of Webflow custom layouts?

The use of Webflow custom layout is immense. They will help you to design a high-functional website in no time. You don’t even need to spend a lot of time manipulating all the components if you utilize the prebuilt layouts. With the custom layouts, it will be easy to build landing pages, custom CMS, visual design mocks, and other significant sections.

Can I sell Webflow templates and layouts?

If you’ve built a few templates and layouts with Webflow technology, you have a fair chance to earn money by selling them. You can sell the templates and layouts on the Webflow platform. 

Final words:

With the advent of Webflow in the web development sector, it seems easier and faster to build websites than ever before. Thanks to the drag and drop functionality and enriched components of Webflow. Another aspect that makes Webflow stand out is the assortment of countless prebuilt layouts. Anyone can structure and design a dynamic website by putting together all the previously created layouts in Webflow. 

You can also utilize them if you want a quick turnaround. What are the most useful prebuilt layouts in Webflow? Of course, you know everything as you’ve scrolled down the article. We hope you will no longer forget to deploy all the mentioned resources for your Webflow project. You can reach out to us if you need to personalize the layouts or design of your websites.