Cutting-edge webflow structure

We craft cutting-edge structures to let you experience the full power of Webflow. We manipulate the layout grid, components, color, layers, typography, and other necessary elements.

Superb animation and interaction

We provide added benefits, ensuring superb animation and interaction to switch a website from Figma to Webflow. Indeed, we carry out some preparatory steps to make a site fully-featured.

Persistent maintenance

We are ambitious about becoming your Webflow partner forever. Our support team is dedicated to delivering you the continuum of maintenance.

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Our Step By Step
Working Methods

Look at how we do everything in a structured approach to bring out the best result. Our working procedures are designed based on profound research and analysis.


Set up a style guide

We roll out a streamlined style guide to transform a Figma site into a promising Webflow form. Our selected design will leave an impression not only on your website, but also on your mind. We also style the base classes that match your Figma design when it comes to converting to Webflow.


Add custom colors

Our key intention is to bring real life to your switched website. Hence, we never procrastinate in adding custom colors without the use of any Figma to Webflow plugins. We create a color pattern in accordance with your preference to enhance the luster of the interface.


Replace the frame and groups

Replacing the frame and groups is inevitable to keep things promptly organized. We commit to this crucial step by heart to add a combination of both superior functionality and renovation. It gives us a hands-on conversion opportunity even in the complex web structures.


Style content

Styling your content smartly is one of our major responsibilities. We face some constraints in keeping track of your bulk content since it’s the hardest part of the Figma to Webflow conversion process. It needs to change each of the pages carefully to style the content accordingly.


Ensure interaction

Having optimal interactivity might be the key reason for your decision to migrate your site to Webflow. By overcoming the flat prototype problem of Figma, we define Webflow’s own interactions. We integrate interaction on a per-class basis by involving multiple classes.
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Why Choose Us?
Why Choose CrowdyFlow for Figma to Webflow Migration?

Crowdyflow endeavors to implement extensive knowledge and experience to ensure successful project completion. We always extend our helping hands to allow our clients to attain the desired results.


Quality Focused

We’re quality-obsessed. It’s what distinguishes us from most of our competitors. Hand over your Figma design to us and have peace of mind.

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Performance Optimized

When we build your new site, you can be sure that everything is tailored not only to look great but also to feel great.

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Responsively Built

User experience is always the first priority in our work. We’ll make sure your website is easy to use and navigate on any device.

Let's Work Together
Need a successful project?

It’s essential to set realistic expectations and reportable criteria to reap the reward of hard work in the field of online business. How do you land on the road to success? Simply leave a short message for us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to offer you the best Webflow development solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare the Figma prototype file?

We usually convert a Figma design to Webflow from scratch. There is no need to label and structure your design file manually. So, you don't need to provide us with the Figma prototype file. We don't want to bottle up your creativity.

Can I request something additional?

Of course, you can share with us your ideas and requirements that need to be added to the converted Webflow site. We will help you with advanced animations, integrations, templates, and styles.

How long will it take to convert Figma design to Webflow?

It thoroughly depends on the type and size of your project. But we try to complete a particular project as early as possible. If everything goes well, you will have your site ready in a week.

Is Webflow better than Figma?

Webflow is an innovative website builder, whereas Figma is merely a design tool. You can bring your mockups to life with the support of Webflow. On the contrary, you will encounter countless limitations whenever you try to do so with Figma. So, it can be safely said that Webflow is a hundred times better than Figma.

Can you also provide UI/UX design along with migration?

We always abide by the client's recommendation when converting an existing Figma design to Webflow. We try to maintain the actual user interface and experience. If you want to get our UI/UX service on your migrated site, then feel free to take the charge as we have a bunch of experienced designers.