High Fidelity Prototype

We tend to create high-fidelity prototypes to demonstrate the functionality and behavior of your projects. Through the designed, fully-interactive prototypes, you get an obvious concept of the workflow of your websites. We, by all means, try to convert your ideas and thoughts into functional designs.

Cross Platform Compatibility

We will make our best effort to offer cross-platform compatible designs. To ensure your applications work across the designated platforms, we stick to the core principles and deploy the essential functionalities. We design a user experience and an interface that users feel comfortable with.

UI/UX Wireframes

To provide you with an appealing outline of your applications, we design the requisite wireframes. We ingeniously exhibit content structure and functionality to specify the most appropriate wireframes for engaging projects. We seek to create a transformational UI/UX and PSD design.

UI/UX Design for Mobile

The key to creating a great mobile experience is balancing the standard guidelines with some tweaks to make the app great. We follow astonishing UI/UX design principles that get the thumbs-up from your users.

UI/UX Design for Web

We are specialized in designing interfaces for robust web applications. We can help you create a streamlined, scalable user experience for your new or existing website so that you can focus on what matters most.

Data-Driven Design

It's important to let your digital product design be based on real data. It's also essential to use real data to improve your product. This way, we know that our changes are working and we're not just guessing.

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Our Step By Step
Working Methods

We put our utmost effort into embracing a design-centric approach to tailoring an elegant user interface. By mapping out the bare bones of the user journey, we model the most acceptable and enchanting user experience.

Look at how we do everything in a structured approach to bring out the best result. Our working procedures are designed based on profound research and analysis.


Research and analysis

We begin our approach to providing professional UI/UX design services through in-depth market research and analysis. We explore innovative and newish designs that can fulfil the interests of users. To understand the user's desire and sentiment, we collect, wrangle, and define enormous amounts of data.


Presentation of ideas

We create an information architecture based on the information gathered at the initial stage. We represent the concepts by highlighting the core features and functionalities of the projects. We also prototype the structure of the entire website to reveal the interactivity.


Design functional UI/UX

We sincerely ask our clients to check out the structured wireframes. Once the clients endorse our wireframes, we commence our journey to designing a fully-functional UI/UX. After completing the design phase, we head over to the front-end development process, leaving all the potential usability flaws behind.


User interface and Experience Testing

We devotedly test the accomplished UI and UX design to detect unwanted bugs and errors. Apart from the testing, we offer ongoing consultancy to clients on how to improve the performance and usability. We provide multiple open lines of communication to help our clients out.


Handover and Revision

Once we succeed in designing an intuitive UI/UX, we consider it ready to be handed over to our client. But every time, we ask for our client's approval before submitting a particular project. We conduct unlimited revisions to make sure everything functions well. We always keep working on the design as long as a minor bug is detected. 
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Why UI/UX Services
Benefits of UI/UX Services

Crowdyflow endeavors to implement extensive knowledge and experience to ensure successful project completion. We always extend our helping hands to allow our clients to attain the desired results.


Lower Development Costs

When developing a new product, it's crucial to have a user-friendly and intuitive interface from the very beginning. It cut downs the future development costs of fixing usability errors or erasing useless features.

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Better User Engagement

The success of a website or app often boils down to user engagement. If your users don’t engage with your website or app then it would be pointless to pursue all other strategies. Keeping users engaged is key to success in this digital era.

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Stimulates Word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is a great free marketing tool. You should make the most out of it if you want to lower customer acquisition costs. When users love your product, they speak positively about it. And you’re going to see higher sales!


More Loyal Customers

Great UX design is not limited to reaching new users. It converts customers into loyal patrons. Customer trust is gained through positive experiences with your digital products.

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Increases Your Revenue

UX design proves that love at first sight is real. We all judge websites based on their design. A user-friendly interface that fulfills a customer’s needs is more likely to convert prospects.

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Lower Support Costs

Consider investing in UI/UX design services if you want to lower the cost of support. Good UI/UX design leads to better ROI by reducing the number of support tickets and better user satisfaction.

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Why Choose Us
Why Choose CrowdyFlow for UI/UX Design

Crowdyflow endeavors to implement extensive knowledge and experience
to ensure successful project completion. We always extend our helping hands
to allow our clients to attain the desired results.

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Let's Work Together
Need a successful project?

It’s essential to set realistic expectations and reportable criteria to reap the reward of hard work in the field of online business. How do you land on the road to success? Simply leave a short message for us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to offer you the best Webflow development solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the inputs and data the clients need to provide?

We kick-start a specific project after collecting a decent amount of data and inputs from the client. We arrange a brainstorming session with the client to understand the business goal, targeted audience, technical specifications, prospective outcomes, market research data, and many more requirements.

What are the tools you use for UI/UX design?

A wide variety of tools are used for professional UI and UX design. We typically utilize Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, Balsamiq, and many more useful tools for designing. We always reach out to Hotjar for user research and Crazyegg for user testing.

What is your UX/UI design process?

We apply our distinctive approaches and techniques to deliver the best UI/UX design service. Our working process goes through the discover, define, design, deploy, and testing stages. We adhere to many more steps to ensure top-notch design solutions.

What is the timeline for a UX/UI design project?

Actually, the working period of a particular project depends on a multitude of factors: complexity, flatforms, scope, budget, and so on. On average, a project takes 1-3 months to be successfully finished. But bigger projects could take up to 6 months to meet all the requirements.

Do you provide consistent technical support?

We always extend our support to our clients. Our user acceptance testing program is designed to provide persistent support for the completed projects. We also have an annual support contract program to serve the clients with great satisfaction.